Finders Club

What it is, and what it means to members...

The Urban Housing Finder's Club is an exciting way for anyone – private individuals, businesses, or even organizations, to earn extra cash in their own time, and get paid a fee. The concept is based on the payment of a finder's fee to a Club Member who "seeks out and introduces" any person who qualifies for a home loan from a bank, culminating in the successful transfer and registration of a house. This can be at any one of the Urban Housing project developments in South Africa. Simply join the Urban Housing Finder's Club and find out how easy it is to earn extra cash!

Who we are and what we do...

Urban Housing, which is an Old Mutual joint venture initiative, are developers and marketers of top quality, housing in South Africa, working towards the alleviation of the shortage of good quality housing, and therefore driven to improve the lives of thousands of people.

Step by step process of how to join and what you need to do:

Step 1: Registration/ Agreement...

You have to join the Urban Housing Finder's Club by first registering your details with us, simply complete the Registration Form and sign the Finder's Agreement (both found by clicking on the downloadable forms below) and emailing them to

We will acknowledge receipt and acceptance of your registration, and by return fax or email confirm your Urban Housing Finder's Club registration number. You will now be registered on our database, ensuring proper administration of all Finder's leads sent in by you, your business or organisation. The Finders Agreement will be countersigned and posted to your postal address listed on the registration.

Step 2: Finding a Qualified friend...

Find a friend, colleague or anyone who earns enough money to qualify and obtain a home loan from a bank for the different housing projects listed below. Once you have done this, the applicant/s will need to complete the Urban Housing Finder's Club Pre-screen Form found as downloaded below.

The form must be completed with all the applicant and their spouse or co-applicant's details and the form must be signed by them. The signed document then authorises us to perform a credit check on the applicant/s. The result of this credit check will be conveyed to the applicant/s.

This Pre-screen Form must be delivered, faxed or emailed to our office, and receipt thereof will be sent to both you and the applicant/s.

How do you qualify for a Finder's Fee and how much do you earn ?

You will qualify for a fixed finder's fee payable for each successful registered introduction. The fees are applicable as follows:

If the Finder complies with the conditions in this paragraph, Urban Housing agrees to pay to the Finder a fee of:

  1. R5 000.00 in Beverley Hills, Evaton West (Phase1 only) (five thousand rand)

  2. R3 000.00 in Beverley Hills, Evaton West 2 (three thousand rand)

  3. R3 000.00 in Oasis Palms, Randfontein (three thousand rand)

  4. R3 000.00 in Sunset Manor, Kimberley (three thousand rand)

  5. R3 000.00 in Morena Manor, Mafikeng (three thousand rand)

  6. R2 000.00 in The Woodlands, Port Elizabeth (two thousand rand)

  7. R3 000.00 in Carnival Green, Brakpan (three thousand rand)

  8. R3 000.00 in Raceway Park, Bloemfontein (three thousand rand)

  9. R3 000.00 in Glenway Estate, Pretoria (three thousand rand)

  10. R3 000.00 in Hillside, Lenasia South (three thousand rand)

Additional projects and fees will be added to the current list and will be communicated timeously . Upon transfer of the property into the purchaser's name, the fee will be paid within (7) days into the account reflected on your registration form. The Finder agrees that Urban Housing Finder's Club will deduct tax from the finder's fee as required by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and pay the tax deducted to SARS.

The system follows a 5 step process…

  • Once the applicant/s is deemed to be creditworthy, the applicant/s will be contacted to complete a full bond application form. Three month's bank statements and the latest salary advices are required for all applicant/s for submission to the bank. Urban Housing will contact the applicant/s and collect the bank statements.

  • Once the home loan has been approved, the applicant/s will be contacted to view an already built house, depending on the project location and to complete an Offer to Purchase, once they have selected their house.

  • They will then be contacted to attend consumer training which is presented by the bank or to collect their training DVD, and to sign their bond and transfer documents.

  • The bond and transfer documents are then lodged at the Deeds Office and the purchasers are asked to attend a Pre-Occupation Inspection. This is to view the house and list the items which need attention before occupation.

  • Upon transfer, the new owner can take occupation of the house and the finder's fee is then paid to you, the introducer.

Who can join ?

Anyone can join the Urban Housing Finder's Club, subject to completing the Registration Form and entering The Agreement with Urban Housing Finder's Club, which contains the general terms and conditions under which the Finder's Club operates.

Benefits of a Finders Club Member :

  • A fantastic opportunity to earn extra cash in your own time.

  • Members will enjoy receiving Club newsletters and interesting updates.

  • Members will participate in Club competitions and stand to win exciting bonus prizes based on their actual performance.

This is a very simple, "seek-out and introduce" finder's fee method of earning extra cash. Anyone can benefit by joining the Finder's Club. By completing, signing and returning the Registration Form and the agreement, obtaining a registration number, introducing a friend or colleague who wants to qualify for a bank home loan, and by completing and submitting the Pre-screen Form to Urban Housing Members are paid a fixed finder's fee, depending on the project, on successful conclusion of a sale and transfer of a property.

Details of all Urban Housing projects can be found in this website. Good luck, make the most of this fantastic opportunity and earn lots of extra cash!