Application Process

1. Pre-Qualification

The first step in buying a home from us is to pre-qualify you. This is your financial ability to buy a house of your dreams.

To do this, Your Urban Housing Consultant will require the following documentation from you:

  • A completed Urban Housing Pre-screen Form - download here

  • A clear copy of your Identity Document

  • Copies of your most recent pay slip

  • Months Bank Statements

  • Tax Number

Note: If your spouse or partner is applying with you, then we will need the same documentation from them.

Commission or over-time

  • If you earn commission or over-time we will require a total of six months pay slips in order to calculate an average monthly income.

Married in Community of Property

  • If you are married in Community of Property, we will need a copy of your Marriage Certificate and your spouse’s Identity Document.


  • If you are divorced we will need a copy of your Divorce Certificate.

2. Bond Approval

Once you have been pre-screened and qualified, you are issued with an Urban Housing Enquiry Number. The Enquiry Number forms the basis of the Urban Housing administration system. From here, we assist you to complete a Home Loan Application Form provided by your Consultant. You and your co-applicant, if applicable, will need to provide us with copies of 3 month’s bank statements and any other documentation that may be required. This is sent to the lending bank for processing. Once the bank has assessed your application, you will be advised of the outcome.

3. House Selection

Now that you have your Home Loan (Bond) approved, you will be asked to select your home from our existing stock range. Once you have done this, you will then be required to sign an Urban Housing Offer to Purchase.

4.Transfer Documentation

At this point, Urban Housing coordinates the banks programme of Consumer Training and Orientation, which culminates in the transfer of the property into your name via the Transfer Attorney.


We then arrange an official handover of the home to you, a satisfied, happy Urban Housing client.